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Sometimes I am so freaking bored at home doing nothing. But since I am not an ordinary human who will think straight, I always find ways (BDO?) to make myself happy or divert my attention to it and not to slack off though I am a lazy bummer.

Here are some of my doings whenever I feel bored.


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Filipinos are known when it comes to singing. Why? Because we: Filipinos kept singing into karaoke's even though most of us including me are not gifted with a beautiful voice.

When I am doing something, I always listened to music because it makes me feel relaxed or happy, and it can't help me when one of my favorite songs strikes on the speakers because I will literally sing out loud that would me to having my own concert in our living room with the actions like the artist did on their mv's (music videos) or live performance, and since I am kinda extra, I tried to change my outfit that will make myself look like the singer on the video. I usually sing to the fullest when I am in the kitchen or in the bathroom and making the dipper, shower or any things that would make as my microphone.


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dance like nobody is watching

When I often watched the dance videos of four of my favorite dancers (no particular order): Jade Chynoweth, Parris Goebel, Yanis Marshall, and Kaycee Rice and if I have the power to get their dance move well, basically, I'm going to practice but if not then I'll just search to someone else dance cover even though they are not part of it haha. Hence, since we are talking to the word "dancing" then I might say that I have this kind of fangirling to some of the k-pop groups or k-pop idols and I really like to dance some of their dance steps (I got it when I was in my high school days when one of my friends were a k-pop fanatic and it was like a virus that spreads on our classroom and I got infected lol). Somehow, just by dancing, I can reduce my weight though I'm just going to recover the calories that I burned just by eating a lot of rice lol.


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I am always outdated about the new movies because I sincerely can't afford to watch the movies in the nearest cinema for it is so expensive though I've been to the cinema 5 times only or can't find an exact site that is not a pirated copy, so I'll just wait for the right time to download it into 1080 but as the times goes by I usually forget it lol. So instead of watching new movies, I ended up watching the classic movies (all over again), cartoon, anime, dramas and especially to one of my favorite variety show: Running Man that would definitely make me cry while laughing.


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There are times when I looked at the books that I have, the ebooks (electronic books) or the mangas that I saved on my account in a good site for manga, I felt like I have the urged to read it RIGHT NOW without hesitation to finish it. And it would take all my boredom though it would make me so addicted to finish the book and would complain to myself why did I read it for there is no continuation (it depends on how will the author end the story) or I don't have the sequel or etc.


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I would love to clean if there is no one watching on me while listening to some good music to boost myself on cleaning on our house. I can clean do general cleaning in our home if I am the only around but if not then I'll just do some light chores. Though there are times that I do some light chores like sweeping the floor to general cleaning even if some of my family members are around.



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When I was a kid, my grandmother taught me that before you start and end your day, you need to clean your yard and water the plants. So it basically became my habit though there are times that I can't do that because of my early class schedule or my late class schedule. But if I am in our house and I am bored well definitely I am doing this habit of mine.



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If I have this kind of good mantra to draw, I am going to draw, sketch or etc like what I did last November 2018 where I used to draw every single night to kill my boredom but if not, I mean I want to draw but there's a part of me that doesn't want to draw then I am just going to watch pictures in Instagram about their drawing to inspire me to draw or to motivate me to enhance this passion. Funny thing that even though I have so many drawing requests yet I kept slacking off.



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This is my favorite one to do when I am bored because at first, I am just going to lay down on the bed thinking on what happened in the past and in the present and plan for my future but most of it I am just going to stare on the ceiling, the trees that can be seen on my window or just staring on the curtain. Nevertheless, there are times that I just lay down and talk to myself or in God and after that, I am going to have a sound trip, brushing my hair using my bare hands and after that, I am going to take a nap.



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Most of the time I spend it on facing the laptop by surfing the net like doing a blog, reading a blog, or buzzing a blog but if not? then I just watch a motivational video, reading or watching some interesting facts/hacks that would be useful or for the topics that I am going to blog here on BitLanders. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are one of the sites that I loafer.



If ever I am in my room sitting on my bed facing on my cabinet, I will always question myself if some of my clothes will still fit on me or not because I got fatter than usual except when I have training. And of course, since I am bored I tried all my clothes including my shoes or sandals as if I have a fashion show in our house and would laugh out loud if there are clothes that won't fit on me.



I have a guitar that is almost 7 years and still I am not that pro at it lol. Nevertheless, I always try my best to play at it cause one of my favorite instrument is guitar and since I am into singing even though I don't have that kind of golden voice, it's so nice to play guitar while singing or just let the guitar play or the other instruments.



I am not totally into make-up but there are times that I always see myself facing a mirror while there are some few make-up kits on my side or do some experiments on my little sister as if she is my canvas. You can always see me go outside in our house without make-up even and you can only see go outside wearing make-up (just a simple one) once in a blue moon.


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Bottom line

There are a lot of things you can spend your time or do when you are bored, it will even help you enhance your passion or skills and even learn something new, and some of it may represent as your workout as cardio which is good to your health. But if you just want to rest? then, you can be a dilly-dallier one.



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