what if I came right now in your living room to offer you my Greatest Secret so that all your dreams could come true one after the other

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Look at what that your active photograph of the Power Crystal can do for you

You will easily and quickly start a new life

You will be able to quickly and easily rise above ordinary people

You'll be able to put into action the Great Universal Cosmic Force whose power go beyond our understanding

You will happily knock down ALL the obstacles that are on your path

You'll gently do away with any bad habit or addiction

You will see what others do not see. You will know what others do not know

From a distance you will neutralize in a totally invisible way any potential adversary, may it be in the emotional, work, justice or administration realm

You will taste pure and magic happiness in your everyday life: you will spend unforgettable moments with your friends and relatives

You will live well beyond normal human capacities. You will have a "super-human" mind

You will "shoot up, straight like an arrow" when others go down. Via your Chakras you will rekindle your inner flame that has been turned off for so long

You will be the beneficial "magi" who knows how to trigger all these miracles at will: Your first bonanza at your favorite game + other large sums again and again, more money in profusion, real sincere and interesting friends, a sincere love, "hot" financial opportunities…

You will mastermind the events to come and you will have ABSOLUTE POWER over other people!

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