What is a pledge of support?

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#RT We are often asked "what is a pledge?" when we promote of pledge link for #MichaelsDream. Well to answer this question; a pledge is merely to officially register your support in our efforts to make #MichaelsDreamcome true! It is not to donate money (although we do always welcome donations!). It is simply a case of adding your name to our pledge list to show you officially support us. And with that; your name is added to our official pledge list on our website!

It takes less than two minutes to make your FREE pledge of support and carries absolutely no financial obligation whatsoever. But the more pledges we have; the stronger we will become. Indeed; we have come so far in the last 4 years and we could not have done this without YOU!

So please, do consider making that free pledge - and together we can be stronger and get closer and closer to seeing #MichaelsDream become a reality!

Please pledge today by clicking on the link below:


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