What is Best for YOU?

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Hello everyone


A nice start for a day, and here is a clear morning with a nice breeze in my country.

everyday we all start with a question: What is the best for ME?


a sarcastic answer would be: A Million Dollar in my bank account would do the trick

30 or 40 years ago would be really hard even to comprehend


(you maybe even get a slap on your face just to be "realistic" in your thoughts)

but now we are in an age that such idea isn't that hard if you really focused your effort to it

So how to get there??

Simple: You just focus in an opportunity that suits your fantasies


What fantasies you say?


Well it is a concept sort of speak: How you see yourself as a successful Leader


?What are you doing and how you are motivating others to follow suite


(if you aren't brave enough to live those moments in your mind you aren't brave enough to seize the opportunity even if it was the Prefect one)

But how to choose the opportunity in times that there are SO MANY?


the basic answer is you should know how to EVALUATE the opportunity and Pick one that Suits your envisioned future

it's like this:

- If you saw yourself in a stage holding a mic and talking to the public crowd and\or empowering fellow teams: then Network Marketing or MLM (multi-Level Marketing) is a good place for you (some effort with long term and abundadnt income stream)

- If you are a visionary that sees a problem and think for a solution and founds it, but can't handle live crowd: Internet Selling is a good place to start

- If you are a good in convinceing other for a product and they take your advice seriosely but don't have what it takes to start your own brand: affiliate Marketing is your goal (you promote and recomend products and services and get commissions per customer)

- if for any reason you have nothing to offer ,there are even sites that offers job for some money you can start from there too

After you find the field that suits you, then what?


well it's kinda what your heart felt right:


Every opportunity comes with ideals and propaganda, So when you decide you will go with that opportunity you actually REPRESENTING the Ideals and propaganda that comes with it.


You don't get with an opportunity you don't entierly understand or convinced with JUST because they have a good pay-plan


That's not how it work!!


When you talk about an opoortunity to the people you are selling actually the IDEA before reaching out to the product


not to mention that you name will be linked to the opportunity within your inner community (the last thing you need is a bad start that would haunt you)

So where do you see yourself?


-A leader with a team: then Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Selling are your field


-A pioneer or someone his name to be mentioned with a service or a product: Online Marketing is the perfect start


-A Go TO guy: then Affiliate Marketing is for you (cause there is no strings attached, you just promote a product that isn't to you directly)

what about gigs and selling sevices for hire or doing tasks?


well it is debatable: it does gives you good cash (As long as it is in demand) a good source for fast cash but it's isn't that big, i mean it won't get the house morgage free or a new Sedan 


but in the other hand: it doesn't add you anything to your knowladge, just a task that you already knew how to do it and that's is:


the slogone behind online opportunities is: Fire Your Boss and make More Money on Your OWN Time


the Gigs and tasks are like emplying for hire; you fired your boss to get SO MANY others


So fast money or pocket moeney gigs is a good place but it isn't an opportunity (Opportunity is something that potentionally builds you a future)

So You picked the field and the opportunity: there is TWO major things you need to keep in mind:


- Remeber that You are a Newbie, NO MATTER what is your Previous knowladge is: When you enter a bussiness you need to learn from  those who came before you and Master their tecnches then after that you Teach others that you may personally invite OR come from other partners

- You NEVER give up, and keep promoting

But what if You came accross multiple opportunities that worth promoting:


well if you can promote them all then so be it (but what they offer shouldn't cuonterdect the rest, each one should be in diffranent way)


if you can't then you just compare and pick the one that suits your community by either services and affordability


But they all needed in your community AND afforable then the best course of action is you make devide your community into the opportunities; whenever one team successed in one you present other opportunity to re-invest his earnings in it and so on

I hope I didn't Bored you with this


if I did then here is something to re-energize you 


Watch the video , and hope to hear Your intake on what I said

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