What is Better - Manual or Automatic Car ?

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What is Better - Manual or Automatic Car ?



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Before getting into the details, we first delve into how a transmission system works in a car. To put simply, a transmission system allows the vehicle to change gears, thus transferring power from the engine to the wheels in the most efficient waypossible. In a manual transmission, the driver is responsible for shifting the gearsusing the gas pedal and clutch. In automatic transmission, on the other hand, the car decides when you shift and automatically changes the gears for you.

We compared the two transmission types based on three factors – fuel economy, ease of use, and control & upkeep.

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✔     Introduction



Dear Friends, I hope you are doing fine. Today, I have come up with my another new Blog with the title of "What is Better - Manual or Automatic Car ?".  Friends, everybody likes to have a conveyance and depending upon the economic condition, they like to have more and more expensive cars.  Based on the driving experience and comfort, all the drivers have their own preference whether they want to drive manual or an automatic car.  In this blog, I shall discuss pros and cons of both manual transmission and automatic transmission cars.  My personal preference is automatic car because for a man living in urban city and who has daily routine to face urban roads, automatic car is a better option since he has to perform less activity on roads i.e. there is a lot of traffic, signals and other vehicles because of which, I have to stop and then excel on the road every now and then.  Keeping a manual car in this situation increases the hands and feet to mind coordination and increases fatigue.  Therefore, let's start discussing automatic and manual cars functions, features and priorities.



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✔     Control Of The Car



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Experienced people normally prefer manual cars on automatic cars based on the control of the car on road, because when you are going on a high speed and suddenly you have to shift the lane or something like that, then manual car provides you with better control than an automatic car and the reason is that in manual car, you have all the control of the car and speed in your hands.  Manual car provides better steering control and thus experienced drivers find it more useful and comfortable.  Automatic car is a little bit difficult to control in these situations because machinery of automatic car is doing the things for you and it takes more time for a machinery in the automatic car to realize the upcoming situation. 



✔    Cost of the Car

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Since automatic car is the name of comfort and less work while driving, therefore, the price of manual car is less and price of automatic car is more.  There is a difference in the price of these cars, however, when it comes to repair and maintenance then manual car is much better than automatic car.  In automatic car, there is more wear and tear because its machinery is always functioning more than the machinery of a manual car in same situations.  Manual car demands less spare-parts change, whereas automatic cars demand more spare parts change and frequent maintenance and repairs.  Furthermore, manual cars are widely known to be fuel efficient, whereas automatic cars need and consume more fuel, this is also because of the control and less machinery working in manual cars as compared to automatic cars.



 ✔     Speed Of The Car



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In manual car, you go step by step in terms of speed.  First you apply 1st gear and then after a while 2nd gear and so on.  Whereas, in automatic cars, you just put your foot on the acceleration pedal and there it goes.  Therefore, in terms of speed, automatic car is the first choice.  This is the reason why modern cars which are also automatic cars have speedometer with bigger and higher speed ranges as compared to manual cars.  In automatic cars, driver has to perform less work and therefore it also reduces the tension on driver's mind.   Sometimes it has some draw-backs because since driver has to work a little in automatic cars, he can indulge in using mobile phone and other things while driving which could be lethal for himself and others on the road.   



✔     Model and Look Of The Car




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Some people prefer vintage cars over new modern automatic cars, because they are in love with old fashioned cars.  Old cars have their own look and grace which modern and automatic cars may not have.  In particular, old manual and vintage cars offered more space to drivers as compared to new modern cars.   However, it can be an individual's choice to go for manual vintage car or for a modern car.  Furthermore, body of old manual cars used to be very strong, whereas in new modern automatic cars, there may be looks but car's body is not the strongest.  However, generally speaking, young people prioritize new modern cars with new looks over old manual and vintage cars.  Therefore, in terms of looks and model range, automatic cars are much better than old manual cars.  





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✔     Conclusion



Manual cars or automatic cars, both have their own demands and features which make them special over others.  Once again, it is all about preference, some people like manual cars who like to command and feel more comfortable with the surroundings by manipulating the car themselves.  On the other hand, there are people who like to let car do the work for them and have their own plus points when they choose automatic car over manual car.  Both cars have their own lovers and lovers of both cars have their own reasons to choose their favorite car.  However, if you are living in a city, automatic car may suit you better then manual car.  The case is otherwise if you live in a remote area or in the place where there are either no roads or roads are in dilapidated condition.  In mountains and hilly areas, manual vehicle is preferred more than automatic car because there are very complex roads in those areas and one small mistake can prove to be very lethal and life threatening.  Therefore, personal liking as well as the place one is living in is a bigger factor when deciding to purchase a car.





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