What is BitLanders and How it Works .............Part 2

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Hey Guys,........This is bitLanders.com and i am Wayeez . Today i will give you details over view about the " How we use this site through easy steps " , hope you guys enjoyed my last blog about " What is bitLanders " so this is the second part of that blog , hope this blog really helps to new users to know about this site as well as how to earn here , so let's start to know about this site :

In this blog we will see the details about the following steps which are so easy to understand about " bitLanders.com "


  1. Home Button/Home Page
  2. Notifications
  3. Leaderboard 
  4. Settings
  5. Shop


  • Home Page/Home Screen

The first option allows us to see what is new feeds like home page works to see what are the new things that users feed today or the latest about the site , you can also see the new blogs, micros, images and videos of users uploaded . This page helps us to see new every time and also to keep yourself updated . This feature never bored you on this site.



  •  Notifications

This feature helps you to find about your account activity like you can check who comments on your post, what's the new between your friends , who likes your micros , images , who check your latest post and who send you the stickers or emoticons . This features helps me a lot to trace my all activity on my account .hope you guys enjoying this feature too.



  • Leaderboard

The most important and daily check option for all of this site users , here you can see all the members who are in top 30 and through this feature you can see their Buzz Score and also daily earning as well. You can check their blogs and influence to see how they come in top 30. Through this feature all users motivate their-selves to come in top 30 and improve their earning skills . i like this feature so much as i was in top 3 for many weeks. Hope this feature feels you more confident on this site and also more active on your work.



  • Settings


 From this option of this site you can see all different options to use the site for example leaderboard, Charity, Inventory, Content Flow, Your Videos , Blogs, Micros , Gallery, Inbox , Earn More, Rewards, Preferences, FAQS and many more....This feature is really helpful for those users who are new to here, many of users asks in Global Chat what is this site about and how we use this and earn from this site ? How to pay out , what options have this site for withdraw, how we change our Avator getup etc etc.. so this option helps them to know about this site in deep.Here are some key features of this option " Settings

Earn More

After joining this site if you want to earn more here then here are some option where you easily get daily bonuses in your rewards by playing bit-games , complete daily task through Survey Chat or get offers and bring a friend on this site .So this feature in Settings give us full chance to get rewarded and earn more and more.




Many new Users often did not check the information given by site in settings option and lose their interest or some time loss their Buzz Score or get suspended as well, So please read this carefully , through this option ( FAQS ) we can check all the details regarding Buzz Score, Content Flow, Profile and Account, Payment Withdrawal , Beginners Guide and Online Store as well. In this feature they have all the answers which are in your mind when you sign up to this site , this feature really helps to those Users who are new or want to know in depth about How we earn here.




The most important option in Settings which gives you the whole information about What is bitLanders and what is their key feature to use and work. here you can also know in depth about Buzz Score and how its works , you also check the site Privacy Policy , Advertiser info, Terms of Service, Follow Us and About the site .


This video helps you to know about the buzz score and what is your content flow in this site....

                       Video Source: YouTube.com



In this feature in Settings option you can change your Account Profile , Charities, Password and Notifications , its helps you to choose the right information for payment withdrawal , email address , personal information and password as well.



  • Shop

 In Online Shop of this site you can give donations to the given charities , buys some uniforms , dresses, glasses and latest traditional dresses for your Avator and gems to buy these things or submit/promote your content on this site.


This feature allows us to give donations to the given Charities for health , education, medicine, music , hunger, education for girls and etc etc......You can also get +1 buzz bonus on some charities as well.Daily bitCharities receive 800+ donations from this site.


In BitFashionista you can buy different Sports uniforms, Glasses, Music equipment, Dresses, Sports Accessories, Trousers, Shirts, Jewelry, Footwear, Tops, Technology and many more things for your Avator for both male and female Users and make your avator more special and unique.You also get +1 buzz score on some accessories and dresses.


You can also buy gems from Shop to make your micro-blogs , images more colorful , you can also buy stickers from gems , your blogs also submit/promote through gems. Its an online Store for gems and stickers.


From Shop you can also check the details of your orders by clicking on " My Orders " button on the top of the right side in the Shop section.

let's see this video tutorial for my new Pakistani Users so they easily know about how this site works

                                  Video Source: YouTube.com

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog too ,for more information please watch the full videos of this blog , all images are captured and edited by Wayeez. If you have any questions or queries , you can also email to Customer Support or visit my new blogs and videos .

Thanks for visiting my blog , take care.  BYEEEE.......



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