What Is CDN Example?

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What Is CDN Example? #2


A content delivery network, or CDN, is a group of powerful servers located in different geographical locations, which allows you to evenly distribute the load between them and make content delivery faster for the end-user.

If you compare Internet traffic with a regular transport system, CDN global in this picture appears as a wide and convenient highway that can be easily reached from one point to another, while ordinary roads have to drive slower.

The main purpose of CDN is to reduce network congestion and avoid delays in loading page content, especially when it comes to graphics, bulky media files, and complex services, such as gaming sites. However, such a network increases the security of sites, and online platforms will be able to withstand even DDoS attacks.

Why Choose a CDN Host for Your Site?

As soon as your resource starts to grow at a high speed, optimizing and receiving a huge amount of traffic, you should think about using CDN. This will allow you to seamlessly stream high-quality streaming video, provide users with creative photos and video presentations of products, expand the virtual shelves of their online stores, and add new names of activities to gaming sites. The more functionality your platform has, the greater the need to use CDN.

CDN Example

When we talk about CDN, it's impossible not to mention G-Core Labs. It is the most popular, widespread, and large-scale network in the world. The company's servers are located in all major cities, so G-Core Labs has the technical ability to provide you with all the benefits of CDN.

The company has been operating in the market for several years. It was one of the first to offer its services, and later even set a world record for the number of servers on the network. And even this service does not plan to stop. This year, the company continues to install servers in different cities, becoming an unprecedented phenomenon: the largest amount of content is transmitted through this network. Among users are:

  • marketplaces
  • social media
  • branded online stores
  • banking institutions
  • many online casinos and bookmakers

In fact, any CDN-based site can load faster, give its users more, and rank much better on search engines.

How Does CDN Help?

Amost every time you are happy with the speed of the site or don't even notice that the pages are loading so fast, you deal with CDN.

Using CDN reduces failures, improves the quality of services, and helps to make fast and secure transactions. All this remains behind the scenes for the consumer, but now, you know how everything works and what guards your stable and uninterrupted work on the Internet.

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