What is cleanliness and is it important for our life?

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Cleanliness means to clean the body,clothes,house,villages,cities,countries and also the whole world.In our daily life people only think that cleanliness mean to clean and wash only his body,cloths and its own house.Their thinking is wrong and very limited.

Every person is very possessive to their clothes body and environment of his home.Cleanliness mean not only yourself but also to clean the whole environment like,streets of villages and cities,public places,parks ,footpaths and every corner of whole world.

There are so many factors that effect the phenomenon of cleanliness. Such as non disposable bags,waste material of factories and industries,waste material of homes that we through in the streets etc.Every religion teach us the lesson of cleanliness.

Our Holy Prophet S.A.W also gives the lesson of cleanliness because a clean and fresh person gives a very beautiful look and every person like  to talk him.The peoples of those countries that do not take care of their country and should take the efforts to clean it,the whole world criticize them.In dirty places the germs of many diseases are born and infected the peoples who live their. Cholera,typhoid ,infection of lungs,heart problems,skin diseases are spread due to dirty things and thousand of peoples lost their life.

It is the responsibility of every citizen to clean the country and take a part of it and do not through waste material in the streets.

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