What is Ecthyma?

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What is Ecthyma?

Ecthyma is one of the common skin diseases. Even though this is very common we need to be equipped with basic information about this disease.

Usually Ecthyma appears in the dorsal feet or the shins. Since the disease is a deep bacterial infection, Ecthyma is characterized by an ulcerative streptococcal pyoderma and/or staphylococcal.

There are evident scare from the lesion caused by Ecthyma. The usual appearance of Ecthyma ulcer is round like a shape of a saucer, its edges are elevated while the base is raw. This is the reason why the scars are so visible.


How can the Ecthyma be treated?

The treatment of Ecthyma is so simple like the other skin diseases. First of all, we have to clean the infected are using soap and warm (lukewarm water is beter) three time a day.

After cleaning the infected area, you can now start the application of the prescribes cream or ointment. You can apply either mupirocin, bacitracin, or fusidate cream or ointment also three times a day every after the cleaning is done.

You can also systematically the patient with Cloxacillin or the first generation cephalosporin.

It would always be the best to practice proper hygiene and sanitation in our home and our body as well. Remember the saying prevention is better than cure. If you get infected, treat it in the early stage of the disease.


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