What is Erysipelas?

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What is Erysipelas?

This is another kind of skin. Erysipelas is a form of cellulitis but this involved prominent lymphatic and acute inflammatory infection.

For normal skin, the margin is more demarcated because of the involvement is more superficial.


What are the symptoms of Erysipelas infection?

The prodromal symptoms involves malaise; there also chilling because of the fever; and in some occasions vomiting and anorexia is present.


What would be the treatment for Erysipelas?

There are two major antibiotics in treating Erysipelas which are introduced to the patient orally.

First is the orally given Penicillin V which is 20 up to 50 mg four times a day. The Erythromycin can also be given as an alternate medication to the patient.

Second is the Azithromycin which is 500 mg must be given on day one (1). On day two (2) up to day five (5) give the patient 250 mg only. For alternate medication, the Clarithromycin would be okay. It must be 250 up to 500 mg given every 12 hours for the period of seven (7) up to fourteen (14) days. This drug is given to the patient who cannot take in penicillin for the prescribed medication.


What are the protective device for wound healing?
You must protect the wound from further damage such as contact with dirt, soil, or insects, by applying protective gauze or dressing. Dressings may also help reduce odor and help absorption of moisture especially in high exudative lesions. Wound dressings are also beneficial in improving the appearance of wound site and may even help promote the functional use of the affected part.

Dressing must be changed frequently and disposed immediately.


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