What is fiverr and how to earn a passive income out of it.

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What is Fiverr and How to earn a passive income out of it?

Before going into any thing else I will explain what is fiverr? 

Basically fiverr is just like the other freelance sites like upwork or freelancer.com but there is a little bit change in the scenerio. On the other freelance site the earning percentage is as much low that its impossible for a newbie to survive. Believe me if you are a new one in freelancing you can't survive at freelancer.com or upwork.com, because they are called the professional sites where only those are welcome who are the gurus of their skills. 

So why fiverr is different and getting viral all over the globe? 

hmm nice question. Actually fiverr work on gigs systems, gigs are those services which you offered in the market place. Don't worry about sales fiverr is having bulk of traffic every day. Fiverr is best for newbies as there is no hard and fast rule to start earning on fiverr. 

Everything is for $5 but you can earn a good income out of it as well as you can serve extras which sometime boost your order upto 500$ per work. 

So what are you waiting for open up fiverr.com click register and star earning a passive income and survive in the E-Journey you are part of. 

If you need any help regarding fiverr just comment here and I will do my best to serve you all. 



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