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What is ignorance? Most of the Muslims believe that the first enemy of them its Satan. And all miseries which occur with them these are his works.

Its right that Satan is the first enemy of humans but exist in our side other enemies that unknown of them will be addict us to other problems especially in the century which we live the number of them is a lot as an example self the other enemy of humans that cause to every person does some bad works.

If a human become obedient of her or his self it will be not any confer between that human and an animal so FEROWN is one of these personalities in the history. Holy Quran is as a rescuer of mankind and it’s a constitution of improvement, luck and it’s a successfully for every mankind that believe on that.

It means the first invitation of holy Quran from Muslims is reading and become literate and learning of knowledge. In the time of descending of holy Quran by our god with the first invitation of its followers it wanted knowledge and also did want by a lot of justifying from Mohammad (peace be upon him) to read that.

Because of this that our god knew better that ignorance is a big enemy for each relative and nation today ignorance and illiteracy caused to we be far from actual knowing of ourselves and also we be unconfident in the fate and future of our government.

Ignorance impartial us than each cruelty in our society.        

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parnian poya was born in the year 1379 in herat province. now she is one of the students of ten class in mahjoba heravy high school.

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