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Internet is the largest computer network in the world. It is often simply called Net or Cyberspace. Nowadays, there are over 2.761 billion people using the Internet throughout the world. As the number of users increases, the information that we can get on the Internet also becomes more and more. The Internet is made up of millions of interconnected networks throughout the world.

The information available on the Internet is mostly free. This information is provided by Governments, Universities, Colleges and individuals around the world without any charges.

WHAT IS INTERNET….? We can define Internet by using two words; i.e. International Networking and by combining these, we come up with the word Internet. Internet is the web formed by limitless computers throughout the world, numerous computers are linked to each other by telephone lines and their numbers keep on increasing and decreasing because if a few persons are getting connected then there are others who are disconnecting. The computer that connects all these telephone lines with each other is called a Server.

You can become a part of the Internet by getting connected at any time of the day or night. When you get connected then your computer becomes a part of the Internet. Similarly throughout the world, computers remain connected to the Internet 24 hours a day and on completing their respective tasks they disconnect themselves. This system carried on its work at all times and this is what we call the Internet. It is not owned by anybody. So anyone that gets connected to the Internet becomes a part of the system. Therefore, Internet can be understood to be the name given to a system rather than a thing, the working of which has been explained.

HISTORY OF INTERNET. In 1960, it was the Defense Department of the American Army that first made use of the Internet for itself. The Research Agency of the Defense Deptt. Whose name was ARPANET (Advance Research Projects Agency Networks) started this task first of all.

They already had computers but they were in different offices n various cities of America. There was no link between these computers. Copying the information contained in the files of one computer into another was difficult and time consuming. So later, they linked their computers with cables to make their working easier. Concept of Internet found nowadays, which we use, was formed in 1989.








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