What is it Like to be the Eldest Child?

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Being the oldest of six really sucks, but don’t get me wrong there are some advantages to it. Being the oldest brings responsibility and if your siblings do something under your “watch” guess who gets in trouble. Yeah, you. But being the oldest means that you can be bossy without getting in trouble. Although that does me no good since my siblings do not listen to me, but maybe you have more obedient sibling, or probably not, but if you do then you are lucky.

Another advantage of being the oldest sibling is that you are not babied anymore and you are someone who you’re siblings and parents can rely on but then parents start treating you like an adult so.. it can go both ways. The eldest child in the family is also most likely to get the toughest rules and you have to fight for what you want rather than your younger siblings. It is extremely hard to get what you want, trust me.

 An advantage that will help you in your life that I researched is that the eldest usually ends up being more responsible and self-sufficient than their younger siblings. Another disadvantage is that you are your parents test subjects when it comes to parenting so if you end up being a delinquent they will probably parent your siblings another way. But at least you will be the person who your siblings cry with, you will share memories with them, and you will be the example to your siblings. So, it’s not all bad right? 

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