What is leadership?

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What is leadership?

At first it is important a leader should be same as us for example once upon time a frog asked zhopiter   to chose for them a leader, and then he put a wood to river; at first the amphibious were happy but after a time they were bored; however they could able to caper around the wood but unfortunately can’t speak with them.



They further went to zhopiter and this time, he sends ostrich as a leader to them for a few days they were happy with ostrich because he was bigger than amphibious, but when the ostrich begin to eat them, they become worried.



So leadership is influence, not too much not too few


A good leader’s feature

A good leader is an honest person, and hobble in moral tent.

A leader’s action and speech is same.

Nothing has, to hide them, and their life is like an open book.

 A leader is who make valence system in our life. (V.gilbert byres)


At last but not least here are some differences between a leader and manger



A leader give motive to others

But a manger enforce others

A leader persuade others

But a manager give order and prohibit others

A leader guide and grace or support the system

But a manager redress  the system

A leader is the author to create an idea

But a manager says his/her idea

A leader is Lucrative to understand  thought, and  circumstances

But a manger is quick to judgment

A leader is first listener

But a manger is first speaker

A leader give SCHEMATIZATION chance

But a manger avow respite

A leader is reliant on his/her personality and animus

But a manger reliant on his /her dignity and power

A leader support others

But a manger create horror 

A leader asked about requirement

But a manger avow the requirement

A leader always says we

But a manger says I

A leader shows what is wrong

But a manger show who has mistake

A leader said respect each other

But a manger said respect me














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