What Is More Worthwhile: To Have Own Business Or To Be A Hired Employee?

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What Is More Worthwhile: To Have Own Business Or To Be A Hired Employee? - Photo credit: tedwhitaker.wordpress.com , Edition by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

Not everyone believes that those who have their own businesses live better. Some hired executives can give a good reason they are more likely to work for others. However, both sides agree on how to choose depends not only on human ambitions but also on personal qualities and experience.

What does a man need for boldly to build his business and expect great results? Of course, many would answer good ideas, knowledge, and most importantly, the will. However, we should not forget the strong health and courage to constantly change, because it is very important for those who create their own business. The hired employees, who are not able to enjoy the full freedom of decision-making, will hardly survive without these qualities too but, as they say, at least, they are sleeping calmly.

So what is more worthwhile - hired employee or own business? Is it better work as an employee or an entrepreneur? There is certainly no answer to this question - it depends on each person individually. Some people are born to be entrepreneurs, like to take risks, want to be bosses themselves, make strategic decisions.

On the other hand, a lot of people feel comfortable working as a hired employee, climbing the career ladder. They are happy to get a regular salary, work only eight hours daily, and focus on your specialization. Below I discuss both choices.

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Advantages Of Hired  Job

As an employee, you are a specialist in your field. You have to do certain tasks that you can do perfectly. You concentrate on the positions that the managers have appointed. You do what you know. If you are an accountant, you work with numbers. If you are a customer service specialist, you communicate with your customers.

Employee income is also predictable. You know how much you will get and when you will receive it. Regardless of whether you did your job well or on average this month, you will, in any case, receive your salary.

Your work fixed hours. You will probably need to work some fixed hours, but if you work as a hired employee, you can forget about your job after you close office's door.  Unless you are a workaholic or you are working on weekends.


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Disadvantages Of Hired Job

The disadvantage is that you are just one of the employees. You will probably have to reconcile with the vision and strategy of the company unless you have a high position in the company. You can accept a company's strategy, or you can leave a company. You will also have your own boss whose instructions you will have to follow.

If you want to have some influence in your workplace, to add a contribution to making important decisions, you will have to climb up your career.  But say much easier than doing. Career climbing is not easy because you will have to compete with existing as well as new employees. Dirty internal games guaranteed!

Your income, as I said, will remain largely unchanged. If you have set 2 thousand dollars monthly salary, you will probably get it. Of course, sometimes the company offers bonuses and other supplements, but in this case, you will have to forget some of the advantages mentioned above, such as work from 9 am until 5 pm.


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Advantages Of Own Business

If you feel that you can do more (and have more benefits) and the hired job restricts you then creating your own business is for you. As a boss, you set the direction and the strategy of your business, and you choose the tools that you need for reaching your goals.

Own business provides more opportunities to become rich and financially secure. If you have ideas, work hard, you can earn unlimited. It only depends on your creativity, your willingness to work and, of course, your success. With your business, you can also observe how customers use your products or services - it's a wonderful feeling.

Being your own boss, you can decide for yourself when and where you work. You can work at night, work during the day. You can work by wearing pajamas or other comfortable clothing. You can attend yoga classes in the middle of the day without worrying about manager alerts.


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Disadvantages Of Own Business

Own business is a huge risk, full of challenges at every stage of business. Maybe you will experience a catastrophe that will result in you losing everything - money, home, even the family. The employee is already secured today, perhaps not at a very high, but stable salary. And the business owner often works free of charge, hoping for most benefit for the future. You can earn huge money in one month, and the next one is a fall down.

Having your own business, you must live and breathe with it. There are so many things to do. There are so many challenges to face inevitably. No one will be more committed to your business than you. You will often feel lonely. You will experience a lot of stress. If the bank will decide not to give you a loan - you will lose sleep.

You will also have experience of being in different positions. You cannot just concentrate on what works best for you, especially at the very startup of your business, when there is a lack of resources to hire employees. You will be responsible for the company's strategy, customer service, accounting, and cleanliness in the office.


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You Can Always Choose

Often, entrepreneurs retire from their own business and become hired managers. And not necessarily because of the failures. Sometimes a person is simply too tired of the routine, constant tension, lack of time, and the life's quality that diminishes.

However, not less often recruited managers, using their experience, create their own business and become profitable owners and practical employers. It is this model that is very common. But I think, there are a number of features that are necessary for changing the employee job into the own business.

A person who wants to create a business needs two basic qualities: the ability to raise tension, manage it, and have managerial qualities. It is also necessary that the entrepreneur was a leader, but it will not come to life until you take the lead.


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And if there is a lack of finance, but you have a willingness and ability, it is always possible to invite the investor and work together. To these qualities, I still add the courage to change because having own business means a change.

In my opinion, one or the other choice depends mostly on human goals and everything else you will acquire, endure and correct.

I firmly believe that everyone can become both a good hired manager and create a thriving business. All you have to do is answer yourself a few questions first: What do I want? Why do I need it? What am I willing to sacrifice for that?

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My Future Dream And Goal

There are people who work and the people who get the benefit of others' work. I think that discomfort in a hired job is felt only by those who want their own business. And at such a pace of start-ups, most of them want to say goodbye to their former employer and try to have their own business, track their goals, their passion and fulfill their desires. I also dream about my business.

If you don't build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs. ― Tony Gaskins

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The Freedom

Freedom is one of the often mentioned reasons why I always wanted to start my business. I didn't want someone to explain to me when I have to get up in the morning, when to go to the office, what to do with it, and how to do it. I don't want my future, my well-being, to depend on something or someone. I want to control everything myself.

But I am fully aware that everything will be not as I expect. In most cases, your own business just takes away all the freedom. Starting a business - like having a child in the family - you get sleepless nights, it cost crazy money, and almost never you can leave your business alone.

As soon as you start your business, especially at the beginning, you get up early (because you still need to do a lot of works) and you go to bed late (because the day looks too short); you work all 7 days a week. And, often, not because you want it, but because you need it. If you do not do this, nobody will do it for you. You can only dream of vacation (if you don't have a long and reliable team of employees). If you can break away - still carry your baby together. And it's really hard to see your friends who can leave for the month, and you're hardly locked up at the desk. I know and understand all that. That is why I still work and accumulate my experience at the hired employee.


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Somewhere I have read the expression - you will never be rich if you work for someone else, not yourself. And then - I learned that this is not true. A world is full of millionaires who have a boss. However, I still think if I start my business, one of the reasons will be the money. 

The reality is that you farewell a stable monthly (or weekly) salary is extremely difficult.  Most often, the money goes out from your pocket at higher speeds than comes to it. Saying short, the startup of your business will ask a lot of investments. 

But if everything goes well, usually business starts earning money with every new survived year. Customers accustom to you, you require their loyalty, your brand is stable, and business earns more and more money. 


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I always thought that when I start working for myself - that will support me - will be my driving force, my motivation. Because it is - mine and will take me forward because my business will grow. And I still think that partly this is the right approach.

The psychological condition has the most direct and influential role in our business. And if we are nervous - this will be very painful for our business. The entrepreneur should be able to deal with the extreme stress caused by things like lack of working capital, unpaid bills, and thoughts on how to get money to pay all. You really need a steel nerve to think soberly, make logical decisions, and work hard to put everything right.

You also can't come to work and wait for someone to tell you what to do. You must organize your work yourself, formulate tasks and find ways to carry out them.


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On The Final Note 

The own business must be your driving force. I like the challenges; I believe that there are solutions to everything, and we need to continue to pursue our goals.

I think there are really a lot of people with great ideas and willingness to create a business, but what is most common hindering is the fear of leaving the comfort zone because the business is risky, it is always dynamic, there is no stability. Very much depends on human ambition.

Business is not a job; it's a way of life. If anyone thinks that the owner of the company will only need to put his signature on papers, it is very mistaken and even better not to start anything. In addition to much work, you have to grow psychological and emotional muscles.

In one good book, I read that the factory worker lives hard not because he is a worker, but because he thinks like a slave. Wants to succeed - think like an entrepreneur even in the hired job- this is your business, and you are not serving to any master.

No matter who is watching or paying the paycheck, we are ultimately each our own boss. Kristin Armstrong

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No matter what kind of work you are going to do - creating your own company or being an employee - you must be ready for new challenges. If you decide to pursue an entrepreneurial career, don't forget the benefits of an employee - you will learn responsibility and work experience in a successful company. In addition, the employee's work is a valuable lesson: you will learn to organize your working hours and workload, assess your manager's communication peculiarities, its strengths, and weaknesses, learn to communicate with the team and make new acquaintances.


What Is More Worthwhile: To Have Own Business Or To Be A Hired Employee? - Photo credit: twitter.com 

Remember that business without experience is doomed to financial failure.


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