What is polymer clay?

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  I am a polymer clay art doll sculptor and I know most people ask,  "what is polymer clay ?"  Polymer Clay is a special clay that contains polymer plastic it is made for the artist and like most clays, that drys in the sun, polymer clay will not dry until you bake it in the oven once baked it becomes very hard like a stone and can be cut or drilled into without breaking. 

  I make dolls and fairies out of wire and polymer clay by making a wire armature and building clay up on the wire armature to look like skin.


  Once I have completed the figure I smooth the clay out and put her in the oven for 30 minutes at 275 degrees once she has cooled I take her out of the oven and paint her with a special paint made for polymer clay then I then add mohair for her hair, silk cloth, and handmade wings made by me.


I proceed to add jewels on her for decoration make a stand and photograph her to get her ready to sell.

 I have been sculpting for 10 years I am a self-taught artist and I find this art very relaxing to make and beautiful to look at it is very rewarding and self-fulfilling.

 I truly hope you have enjoyed this blog I enjoyed writing it and hope maybe it will inspire someone to get some clay and make their own fairy.




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