What Is Social Media and Who is Social Media Specialist?

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Social media is using of techs based on web for changing of communication into bidirectional dialog. The term social media was used for the first time by Cris Shele at 2006. People are now having ability to create content themselves and share it in all over world. Social media provides pathways for the users to express their ideas to anyone who will read them. the common action of social media is interaction and has effective role in this section.

Differences between mass media and social media are in Reach, accessibility, usability, immediacy, permanence, interactive, limited, validation, editorial, audience measurement, price.

Social media has seven kinds which are:

  1. Social networks: (facebook)
  2. Weblogs: (wordpress, filmannex)
  3. Microbloggings: (twitter)
  4. Wikis: (Wikipedia)
  5. Podcasts: (podcastalley, instagram)
  6. Forums: (broadtracker)
  7. Content communities: (youtube)

Social Networking  describes the connections between people and is done for business and social proposes. This services includes FacebookMySpace, LinkedIn, Tumblr and ... the most common use is instant messaging.

A social media specialist is full time or freelance worker who has the knowledge of communication. The social media specialist do these things:

  • Making online advertising campaign.
  • Providing content for social networks and blogs.
  • Creating interesting content to bring in traffic.
  • Growing up the account by adding followers.
  • Keeping profiles and update information on time.
  • Engaging readers by react to the comments of them.

To become a social media specialist you need to have excellent writing skills, be a good marketer, knowledge of using computer applications and websites and also you need to have degree in journalism or communication.



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