What is the difference between search and research?

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What is the highest mountain in the world?

Who is the prime minister of India?

What's tomorrows weather?

Image search, book search, blog search, video search, instant search, voice search, and now conversational search, all remarkable advances requiring astonishing computer power and even more engineering power.

In fact any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And Google had begun to personalize search for everyone. As  Pariser writes,  from that day forward Google would be using at least 57 signals to help shape our search result individually. Kind of like magic. You might also say from that day forward search and research began to diverge further and further, every day with every search.  Why might that matters? something or someone need to help us through the tens of millions of blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates that are posted every day. When i think about this, and even say that 15 years ago people weren't thinking in terms of search at all. Because the internet was so new and not used heavily. So, when you would book a flight , there used to be travel agencies everywhere, but no one will go there. We will all go to Google search and just book our flight online and even buy the tickets online.This is search. But research which has been going on forever in libraries is when you are searching for something you want to back up generally speaking an argument, you want to find data that is credible. So research is trying to narrow down and that's one of the issues around Google. Google is trying to narrow down and find credible sources of information about whatever it's you are looking for. But with Google we don't know how they figure out what the best answer is. We have all seen the news stories where misinformation has been transmitted very quickly. What is the origin of these information? it may be someones tweets for example. And it's also the same if a news agency picks it up and says that it's from someone's twitter feed.

Am thinking also about the role of the librarian and all their resources and tools are online, and therefore this tools can be updated so that you and i can use them. It takes the expert out of the equation. But also as long as a programmer, there is experts involved in programming.

And while the search box is often a great place to start, there are other places that u might need to wind up. Remember that some of them are actually sitting on the shelves, not servers.Which is not to deny the utility and magic of web search. And it's not that Google is the cause of the problem,the problem is that we are flawed. Because we are just paying attention to the information just inside this individualized air pocket that have created around us.

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