What is the effect and impact of colors on our life?

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Colors are having direct relation and also close ties in all factors of live and its details, it must be said that there are colors like stepping into other people's physical and mental phenomena of the universe in connection.

The relevance and impact to the extent that even people in their own words and phrases tend to express their inner feelings by using colors.

Most of us using colors while expressing the physical and inner feelings, for example, she became Red as the result of extreme anger. Men do not have the same opinion about colors, in other word; there is difference on tact on choosing of colors.

That means, color of each individual shows the attraction and repulsion towards certain color may be the color that you like and is your favorite is not favorable and acceptable for the other person or does not demonstrate a good meaning as well.

It was a question for me that what is the benefit and effect or impact of colors on the human life? Colors are having different kind of virtues, and it is so complicated for me to explain all in this article. Color appears when the frequency is proportional to the intensity of light in the environment and in the main time be boastful. Despite the color characteristics of motivation, desire, joy, structural and even animate properties caustic and also has trenchant feature well. It is completely true that each color has unique characteristics and balance therapy that is controversial.

Another characteristic is that the color has is the ability penetrate to the depths of our consciousness to an unknown force of every one of us. Colors can be divided into three groups of three or names: The first group (original group) red - yellow – blue. The second group is the same color as the main color of combination which is obtained.

And the third group of the second kind is obtained by combining the primary colors with the second kind colors. In order to combat disease and illness using colors in modern medical science was not merely remedial, and these offers besides enjoying other treatments can be very effective.

 White simulating feelings of individual their talent as well as potential, Black caused to move the womanish feeling, Red due to the intense energy of their physical feelings and their makeup irritation. All mental activity a person is moved by the power of yellow.

Green has sedation state and as a symbol of compassion and balanced psyche and behavior is considered.

The Blue, Cooling mode, the energy system and the overall color that has a calming and relaxing feature, it is also helpful of the respiratory system, resulting in an increase in strength of forecast and estimate the individuals guess.

Aside from the scientific debates and in my own opinion colors are so effective and can have a great impact on our life, to the extent that can have the major role on fulfilling of individual dreams. I myself can be the great example; I believe that our wishes are hidden behind the colors which we selected for our life. Sky is blue, Earth is green, the sun is yellow and our blood is red, however the natural colors might change by passing time, but the color of our feeling won’t change even by passing time.

Since all aspect of life has combined with colors, the fruits, vegetables, clothing, even the symbol of a country,( flag) has been certified by colors.So life without colors is without meaning, It can be imagined that I will get to fulfill my wishes in my blue sense, so the sky of my life is always BLUE, because i have colored it in my favorite.



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