What is the job and responsibility of a young in our society

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As you know the young’s making backbones and basic of a country,the health of any society is belong to the health of young of society.those society which don’t have educated ,patriotism,and commonsense youngs,that society has never seen the face of promotion,peace,and wellness. the young’s have very strong power, if they use from this power in positive ways we can change the face of our society. And have a promotion,peacefull and secure socity.if you find out information about the background of promotion socity,you can understand that the secret of these society is cause of  hard working.educated,and thikfull young’s. There for we can say like this also that like this young’s making national stock of any country. the young should be sample from every side like manner,

respect to elders, help with others and good behavior with people. the young should worked for making a secure,healtht and promotion sociyt.conflact with oppression, and observing law of people. the young’s can serve for there society in deferent ways. one of that way is learning knowledge updating our self with technology’s you know thee technology is changing day by day. and making a huge changing in the human life. today this technology make the world such a village. Day by day the technology try to make our society facility equipments. this point is important that we have to use from technology in positive ways. otherwise this

technology well cause of terminating of our sociyt.the young should know the need and weak point of the socity,and find out solution for that as soon as possible. every young is responsible to his self and to it is socity.for over coming from this responsibility he or she must making a schedule and workehard.today when we are seeing the first world society which achieving there self in tope position from every side, all of them is due to hard working human resource of that society’s day that you are seeing some of the socity that live in the poor,ware,and unsecured situation all of them is cause of illiterate younsgs.so at the comprehension we can say that peace, promotion and secure situation of every country is belong to young of that country.