What is the most interesting point of making movies?

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Hello filmmakers, directors, producers and other fellow partners of movie partnership companies! I just want to write few things about film industry.

Even though I am not an expert of movie making, I try to open a symposium on the ways and the special attitudes that a film carrier really likes. For instance, If you are producer, how do you manage the movie script into a production scenario or what are the attributes you love more in the production process? When I come to directors, how do you direct a certain movie history to something interesting? Isn’t it difficulty to show the way to the audience where and when the story ends? Some film directors prefer to take the perspective of deductive-inductive analogy which tries to forward either the specific movie concept or the general idea of the movie. In this regard, which types are you mostly prefer to work?

When I come to animation movies, I want to appreciate those who strive to give the most beautiful epic movie characters. But I have jot down few questions for the animation producers and directors. What is the most interesting point of making epic movies? Does the length and story of the films are in accordance to the producers and directors plan or else?

Please share your ideas with each other on the above questions and let’s discuss the experience so that it is very crucial to express your knowledge and experience of the movie science/art throughout the world including the most famous movie experts in the seven continents. Anyone? 

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