What is the Return on Your Investment (R.O.I.)?

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If you have a facebook account, Klout and other social networks can monitor your Social networking reach and influence, but what is the return on your investment (R.O.I.)? Once Facebook defines the number of fans or friends, their geo location and demographics, what do you do? Where is the check? What about the Klout Reach, Amplification, and Impact? Have you ever received a check?

Facebook, Klout, and many other social networks will never send you a check; they will just let you know how good you are! And they tell you you're doing better when you give them all your time and dedication, becayse they are the ultimate Slavery Technology Organizations!

At Film Annex, we are introducing the Buzz Score for writers and filmmakers who create content and engage others on the Film Annex network. The big difference between Film Annex and other social networks like Facebook and Klout is the fact that Film Annex shares advertising revenues with the users and pays writers based on their Buzz score. 

The Buzz Score measures your influence:

The Piggy Bank lets you know about your revenues:

This is what ROI or Return on the investment is!

Buzz Score + Piggy Bank =

  1. Filmmakers make money online with Internet
  2. Users learn how to write a blog and get paid
  3. Professional writers get paid for writing blogs (not like the Huffington post!)
  4. Create Veteran business opportunities
  5. Host Afghanistan blog articles and finance the Education in Afghanistan
  6. Building schools in afghanistan and 40 internet classrooms to connect 160,000 Afghan children to the World Wide Web.

Simply put your time and efforts where the money is, the rest is a joke.

Francesco Rulli

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