What is the Value of Politics and Diplomacy without Business?

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The four topics that seem to dominate most political programs are: Politics and economy, War and diplomacy. Contemporary Politics and Diplomacy are supposed to act with the purpose to establish a safe and healthy business environment, but rarely a business representative invested in Afghanistan gets to participate. To have a fair and objective perspective, it is necessary to invite invested business representatives to these discussions.

Going long on Afghanistan is a term coined by Mike Sweeney in his recent blog; it is a challenge to bankers, businessmen and above all YOU:

All Film Annex registered users obtain a Web TV to which they can assign free professional content produced by NATO TV, United Nations TV, Film Annex Afghanistan, Diplomatically Incorrect and independent filmmakers from all over the world regarding info on Afghanistan. Film Annex users can read Veterans blogs and articles on Afghanistan by US Veterans and Afghan writers. Every Film Annex user benefits from the advertising revenues and when agreed is paid for writing articles. Every user can make Afghanistan a real business and establish a direct collaboration with Veteran businesses and the Afghan education system. You can be the invested business expert and make a difference today.

No politics, just Internet.

Francesco Rulli

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