What is transformer ?

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Today I have select topic transformer and I will be told you all how its working principle and its type also.

Introduction of Transformer.

Transformer is a machinical device that transfer energy from one end to another by the law of mutual induction.

Types of Transformer.

Transformer have main or basic two types.

  1. Step down transformer

  2. Step up transformer


Working of a Transformer

Step up transformer used to step up the voltage and step down the current . and step down transformer used for step down the voltage and up the current.If we talk about its construction. Every transformer have two sides or windings. One is called primary and second called secondary winding. Primary used for take the input supply so its also called input winding and secondary used for output so its called output side also.

Parts of a Transformer

Transformer have some parts.

  1. Winding

  2. Steel tank

  3. Radiator

  4. Core

  5. Colling fans

Winding of a Transformer

When we connect the primary winding of a transformer to the supply a current produced on primary winding and they produced a flux and that flux cuts the secondary winding of a transformer and produced voltage.


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