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What is the United Nations? Someone says it is an organization where the world diplomats gather and try to find solutions to world problems, many others says it is an organization whose work focuses on health and human rights. After World War II, the nations of the world felt that there should be any organization in the world that would stop all violence which causes war and maintains peace in the nations of the world also work for the welfare and development of the nations. The United Nations came into existence in 24 October,1945. The center of this organization is located in New York City, America. All the political quarrels and problems in the world that can cause a major war are presented before “UN”.

No doubt the establishment of UN is an important achievement in the history of the World. Every year United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24. The main part of this organization is "General Assembly", which has members of all countries of the world. The UN Security Council is an important part of UN, there are total of 15 members, five of which are permanent, including China, the U.S., France, Britain and Russia. And ten are temporary members that are elected for two years, three each year. The five permanent members have "veto power", the other ten members are recruited through the General Assembly. For tackling the important issues the permanent members use “Veto power”. The Head of UN is known as “Secretary-General” and is responsible to run this organization. For co-operation it has the staff of nearly 3000 members and Staff is called "Secretariat".  Secretariat has branches in all countries of the world. There are six Advisers to the Secretary-General, who gave advice in important matters.

Different foundations of the United Nations are UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNEP, UNFPA, UNDP and one of them is the International Bank- “world bank” for developing countries to achieve various developmental activities such as construction of roads, electric power plants, railways, irrigation systems, and gives loans for prevention of flood etc.

 The second institution of this organization is "F U N C E", which is the organization of children's funds and it works for the welfare of the children of whole world. It helps in opening new schools and hospitals for children also give various useful suggestions for children's diets and health.

WHO, the "World Health Organization" is another important institution of the United Nations which works for the health of people and curing various diseases. It was successful in eliminating the nasty diseases like malaria in UP district of India and Yaws in Indonesia.

UNESCO is an important institution of UN which works for scientific studies and world culture. It fights against ignorance and illiteracy and it has been successful in its mission.

UN is somewhat successful in its mission as it has contributed to end the Suez Crisis and Congo Violence.  The second field in which the United Nations is successful is to get rid world from social evils. But it cannot completely protect the world from the war, such as Kashmir and Palestine still cannot be solved and it failed to bring peace in the world.


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