What is your great target in your Life?

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 An afghan boy answer this question
My great target is to continue my education and become graduated  of school.
And then I have two target first I would like to finish my school. Second I would like to go to state university for my education  and I want to develop my skills and go forward and be an excellent person in my society . I said that I want to go state university because state university has good degree for my future, it is free and has state hostel.
And I want to Investigate about everything and promotion my information for my future.
Next when I finished my faculty I want to inhabit my father land. I want to my father land be flourish. 
I would like to be an useful person in my society and I like establish schools, mosques and etc. for my country. Built project, street and etc. for my country and finally I want follow the way which Mohammad peace be

upen him followed and that way is the Allah and Qyran way.

 (I wish my country has security and my people have good life in shah Allah)

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he is mirwais barak,from afghanistan

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