What is your size? No, they did not ask it though but quite close to that

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I am not going to believe anyone who thinks that meeting your future spouse in public places like trains or standing at a bus stop. I am not sure if decent and intelligent girls would go door to door looking for someone like me.


I can only see their points to that extent as to what move works and what does not. I do not wish to make eye contacts with every girl I meet while boarding my train to work or use cheap pick-up lines with girls I never met before. I am not willing to take those famous dirty looks that decent girls have in store for such people.


By the way, I am married and love my wife and she loves me and we love the privacy of our relations too.  So, I couldn't help but laugh when my wife told me that she wanted to buy some concert tickets for two of us but the ticket company wanted a lot of information. She was so angry the way they asked for her details including bank, home address, email, phone number.


She was right! It is nothing short of invasion in privacy. And what made me laugh was the way she explained that if it was not she had disconnected the phone, next they were going to ask was her size.

I think to understand her anger I must have my IQ tested. It’s not that I have never done it before but I know IQ always keeps changing. I am sure it would be high or maybe low whichever proves me dumb to laugh that much in one evening.

Isn't it matter of privacy breach- what do you think?


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Note: I have seen this video on another site but this time I am not quoting the name of that site.

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