What is Your Skin Type and Condition?

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Having the basic knowledge about your skin type and condition will give you an idea of how you should take care of your body’s largest organ. People’s skin is different from one another. For this reason, what may seem to be the best beauty product on a TV commercial, may not work well with you. Also, a beauty product or skin care solution that may seem to work with your friends may not apply to your skin type.

Not all beauty products are the same, so you cannot just buy anything that you can find on the counter. They contain chemicals and substances that are made to work for a particular skin type and condition but may be harsh on the others. For this reason, knowing what your skin type is will help you pick the best product for your skin. Moreover, you will pay more attention to the product labels, because you do not want to end up buying a product which will only do more harm than good.

Get to Know Your Skin

You must get to know the science behind your skin. I know that it is a boring part, but it will help you understand your skin more. You will know what makes the various skin types and conditions, and you will know why you should properly start taking care of your skin.    

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The video thoroughly explained how your skin works. Dr. David A. Colbert explains the various functions of the skin which makes us realize the tremendous stress that our skin has to undergo all the time just to keep our body healthy. Also, he pointed out the three major layers of the skin.

The hypodermis is also known as the subcutaneous layer, which is the skin’s undermost layer. It has your blood vessels, nerves, deep sebaceous gland, and adipose tissue. This layer of the skin is where the production of vitamin D takes place.

The dermis is at the middle layer of your skin. The elastin and collagen, which are the important proteins of your skin, are here. These proteins play a major role in maintaining the youth and elasticity of your skin.

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin where you apply your beauty products. It consists of skin cells which will eventually fall off in time.

Female Vs. Male Skin

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Have you ever noticed that regarding physical appearance, the females seem to age faster than men? It is because of the men’s testosterone level. Their hormones make their faces thicker by 25% than females. They have more pores and active glands to produce oil.

Yes, it seems unfair for us women, but it is the fact that we have to accept.

Skin Types and Conditions

Most people have the same connotations between types and conditions, thinking that they are the same. However, these two are different. The skin types refer to the skin’s appearance caused by how your skin usually functions due to heredity or hormonal changes. On the other hand, the skin conditions refer to the issues of the skin which can affect any types. Everyone has a skin type, but not everyone is affected by a skin condition

Various Skin Types and the Best Products to Use for Each

Oily Skin

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After washing your face, you will see for just a few minutes that your face is starting to become greasy again. You have large pores which are an indication that you have an overactive sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is the one responsible for the oiliness of your skin because it is the one that secretes sebum.

If you have this kind of skin type, make sure that you thoroughly clean your face twice a day. If you fail to do so, sebum and dirt will become congested into your pores causing blackheads and acne.

Best Products: foam, oil, or clay facial cleanser

Dry Skin


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This skin type is the opposite of the oily type of skin. If your skin is dry, it appears flaky and dull. Your pores are tight. Because of your tight pores, it is possible that your skin’s dead cells will be trapped inside your sweat ducts causing milia. Everyone can be at risk of having milia. It is just that the person with dry skin is the most prone to it.

Best Product: Cream cleanser

Combination Skin


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Some parts of your face are oily and some parts that are dry. Commonly, the oily parts are in the T-zone, which includes the nose, chin, and forehead. The dry parts are your cheeks. According to Dr. Colbert, the combination skin is the most common skin type. It is because the cheeks contain less sebaceous glands than the T-zone.

Best Product: Mild gel cleanser (a mild formula that will not strip the natural oil of your face.)

Normal Skin


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You are lucky. You are among the selected few who are blessed so take good care of that gift. Your sebaceous glands produce just enough oil for your face.

Best Products: Clay or foam cleanser

Various Skin Conditions and the Best Products to Use for Each

Sensitive Skin


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Your face appears translucent. You are prone to blemishes and broken capillaries. For this reason, it is best to use facial products with no harsh chemicals.

Best Products: Acid-free or Sulfate-free or paraben-free cleansers

Dehydrated Skin


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If you have a dehydrated skin condition, your wrinkles and fine lines will be more visible. This skin condition commonly affects people with lack of sleep. Because the skin is dehydrated, the best solution is to drink more water and less caffeine.

Best Products: Cream cleanser

Acne Skin


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Acne commonly affects people with oily skin because of their active sebaceous gland. However, it can affect all the skin types because sebum is not the only cause of acne. One may also have it through the increase in hormones and hormonal changes.

Best Products: Cleanser with salicylic or benzoyl peroxide formula

Aging Skin


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Everyone has to go through the aging process even if nobody wants to. There’s nothing we can do about it, but we can delay the process at least by proper diet and lifestyle. The skin ages because the collagen and elastin are detaching from one another causing wrinkles and skin sagging.  Also, the skin becomes thinner as we age.

Best Products: Cleansers with AHA formula

Find the right product for your skin now that you know your skin type. Your skin deserves the pampering after all the good things that it has been doing for your body.




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