What love really is?

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I am pretty sure that everyone at least once wondered what love really is and how to find it. I have to say at the beginning that here I am going to tell what love is in my opinion, and I do not expect everyone to agree with me and what I think about love.
My thoughts about love are various and I personally think that there are so many types of love. We can love our relatives, our friends, our emotional partners, our pets, our job, books, places, food...


You know that you love someone when you are happy when you are spending with that person. And you know that you love something when you are happy while you are doing that. 

I also think that we all need to give our best to get rid of things and people that we do not love. When we are spending time with people that we do not love we are going to feel very bad, we will be very negative and our life will be full of sadness, stress and other negative feelings...

So, remember that you are most important person in your life and in movie called 'Your life', you are producer, main actor and director, so, you are deciding about everything. Do not give the main role to someone who should be killed in first 15 minutes of the movie. Do not let you movie turn into a horror with some tragic end. Do not let bad critics make you give up on your movie! 

You are the one who has the power to change everything and you owe to yourself to be happy. You can not be happy if you do not love and if you do not love people around yo

What is more important to love or to be loved?

What is more important for the bird her left or her right wing?
Both wings are important equal.
So, you understood what I wanted to tell you, you need to be loved and also you need to love. that is the only way to be happy person, and only a happy person can be a successful person


Who can be loved?

Many people think that they are not good enough and that they do not deserve to be loved, and that is NOT TRUE! Everyone deserves to be loved and everyone can be loved. We just need to find someone who is going to love us and who is going to accept us just in the way we are.

Should we let people change us?

I personally think that if we know that something what we are doing is not good, we should change that, but not because of someone other. We should change that because of ourselves. First condiditon to be loved by others and to love other people is to love yourself. And you can love yourself only if you are satisfied with yourself. So, change yourself because of yourself.
And if you are satisfied with your own personality and people around you are trying to change you, than you maybe should exchange the person that wants to change you with some person who is going to accept you in the way you are.


Love is everything and everything is love

For me, love is everything! And everything around me is love!
I can not imagine my life without love. And I love all parts of my life. I love my friends, my family, my pet, my job. I am eating food I love and watching movies that I love. 

Love is freedom, loves is happiness, love is success, love is progress, love is positivity...
And because of that I can say that I am free. Yes, I am free because I know that I have support and I know that I can do everything thanks to that support.  I am successful because i am giving my best on my job, because I love my job. I am positive person, because love that is everywhere around of me. 

Love is pain

Love is sometimes pain, but pain is never love. Love can hur us very bad. And we can be hurt because of love very bad. But we should never love our pain, pain is destroyin us and love is making us going forward. And love is thing that is helping us to pass trough painful situations that are happening to us all the time.


We have to fight for love

We have to fight for what we love and for who we love! Fight for people that you love, but only if they are fighting for you too. Never give up on someone except that person gave up on you. Keep showing love, keep loving people that deserve that. I know sometimes it is very difficult,  sometimes it hurts insane, sometimes it feel impossible, but if you truly love someone, and that person truly loves you, your love will pass trough everything and at the end you are going to be happy. 


Let go those that are already gone

If you notice that some person is not same anymore and that some person is not nterested in you anymore, if you can not feel someone's love anymore. Let that person go. And never be sorry because of that. You will see that person will be replaced with someone better, with someone who is never going to give up on you. You should never be option to someone who is the only one for you. Remeber, you deserve first place, you deserve to be loved and there is someone who will truly love you, so let go those that do not love you. Let go those that are already gone. One great writter once said

If it is yours why are you afraid of loosing it?

If it is not your why are you afraid of loosing it? 

remember this qoutoaation always. Things that are really yours nobody can take from you. Things that are not yours should not interes you at all. 

And for the end of this, life is not a love story with happy end, and I you do not fight for something that you want, you will never have it. So, if you do not love, you will never be loved, if you are not working hard, you will not be successful and if you are not positive, positive things will not happen to you. 

So, always remember that you owe to yourself to be happy, and you cn not be happy if your life is not full of love. Love is everywhere, you just have to find it, and to let it make a story with happy ending out of your life. 

Be yourself, love yourself and change things that are not good. Help everyone you can, do great things for great people everytime you can. 

No matter what happened to yopu, get up and keep going forward. 
Laugh more, love more, live more. Till you breath. 
Love is the point of everything, love can change everything.

Let your love change the world and never, no matter what is happening to you, never let the world to change yout love. 

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