What Wicca Is And What Is Not

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Okay, so we covered the history of Wicca, but what about what Wicca is what it is not. I think I will cover this now so people know and understand what Wicca is truly about. If you still don't understand after reading then I suggest you research it.

What is Wicca?

Wicca is a neo-Pagan religion that focuses its sole intent on Nature and Earth. Wicca honors and worships a wide range of Gods and Goddesses. The list of Gods and Goddesses are never ending. It would take years to name them all. Each God has a counterpart and each Goddess has a counterpart. For example, the Goddess Athena's counterpart is Minerva while the Greek God Zeus' counterpart is Jupiter. Okay, moving on. Wicca celebrates Sabbats, which are holiday's. For example, Samhain is a Wicca Sabbat. To Christian's it's Halloween. Wicca does spell casting and rituals. The spells are prayers while the rituals are services or masses ( much like what Christians do in church). Wicca does not have a bible like the Christians do. Instead, Wicca has Book of Shadows that keeps all spells, rituals, thoughts, meditations, etc. in it. Wicca is a very peaceful, loving, hopeful and calm religion. It is a positive religion.

What is Wicca not?

Wicca is NOT satanic. It does NOT believe in Satan ( that is a Christian belief and myth found in their bible). Wicca is NOT a cult. Wicca does NOT sacrifice animals or humans. Wicca is NOT black magic. Wicca is NOT negative.

If you have any questions please ask. If you still don't understand Wicca, then please research this wonderfully amazing religion. Educate yourself. Do NOT assume!

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