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Are you a hoarder? It seems like people tend to collect more stuffs either they are necessary for them or not. Sometimes when you clean out your room and see those stuffs. It might remind you of some stories either good or bad memories. Generally, people don't keep something that remind them of the suffering in the past. What do usually people collect?


I, as a traveler, like to collect the souvenirs from wherever I used to go. It might have not to be bought but It could be something from the certain places we go. Some people like to go to the beach. They collect sand from beaches all over the world. No need to pay for anything but can bring you a lot of memories, don't u think? Some might like to  collect stones. The weird case  that I have experienced from my friend is that she like to collect air. Air? yes, air. She brought containers filing up with the air anywhere she went. I had a question of course! How could people know where she goes? Air is something that not tangible. She said “ It doesn't matter if people would know where I had been, it's how I could have cherished my memories.”


Decorating your home with the souvenirs, can easily facilitate storytelling when the visitors come to your place or even telling yourself. The souvenirs animate fading memories of places vistied years ago. Souvenirs are such a core part of the travel experience. It doesn't matter how much it costs. It's about the value of memories we gained from those trips.


The best souvenirs aren't really the ones that I've purchased. Some are recipes that take me back to a meal or dessert. Some are tickets that I got from train station, amusement park, shows and events etc. Those reminisce my memories while traveling. It made me think back who I was with and what we had done from that trip.


My very favorite souvenirs are my travel stories/memories and the collage of photos that go with them. The photos instantly transport me back to a specific place, a walk, a vista, a meal shared, a funny mishap, or any of those goosebump moments you get while traveling. Looking at the photo sends my mind into a blissful reverie and my face alights with a faraway glow.

Most of the time the photos that spark the best memories aren't necessarily the most picturesque or photographic and have a completely different story behind them then the photo might suggest. And, they might not always bring back the best travel moments, but instead the funniest.

Memories can bring back anytimes. It might fade but it'd never gone away. Take back your memories from your souvenir!

They're Souvenirs, Not Stuff!


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