What You Need to Know about Pokémon Shuffle Mobile: A must-have game app for Pokemon lovers - Part 1

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Hello guys~ LookUp again here :3 Again, I will write blog which is not about Korean drama :D but about mobile game which often I have played lately called "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile". It has been a long time since I wrote blog about Pokémon titled "Pokémon Go: Things You Should Know Before Playing" and I have stopped playing Pokémon Go due some reason :D but now, I am interested in "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile". In this blog, I'll just write some basic things you need to know about this game and I'm going to split this blog into two parts, because I think it would be very long if I write it into one blog. Happy reading~!!!

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About Pokémon Shuffle

 Pokémon Shuffle (Japanese: ポケとる PokéToru) is a freemium Nintendo game. The 3DS version was released on February 18, 2015, and the Mobile version on September 01, 2015. The Mobile version can be downloaded and played on Android 4.1+ or iOS 7.0+. The object of the game is to match Pokémon icons on a 6x6 grid to attack and catch Pokémon. Each Pokémon has a single type and ability. The Pokémon's type is used to determine the types of their moves, and their ability has a chance to activate when matched first in a combo. There are currently 455 Pokémon available to catch in the Main Stages and 47 available in the Expert Stages. -pkmnshuffle.wikia.com-

"Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Now Available on the App Store and Google Play!"


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How to play?

"Pokémon Shuffle Mobile" is puzzle game based app. How to play it is very easy, you only have to match 3 or more pairs of the same Pokémon, and the Pokémon will attack the wild Pokémon that you have to catch later after you beat them. Same with the other Pokémon games, the damage dealt by your Pokémon will depend on the type of Pokémon you use and the type of the wild Pokémon which you have to face. It could be very effective or not effective depend on you. The more Pokémon that you match, the greater the damage will dealt and the higher score you will earned.

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Keep in mind, in every level you will encounter a wild Pokémon and you have to defeat it in limited moves or time, and every Pokémon has a various disruption to inhibit your move. Like rock block, dark cloud, ice block, etc. Your Pokémon also have different power that would be very useful against disruption and wild Pokémon, such as clear block, remove barrier, occasionally dealt greater damage, clear away cloud, etc. So you should be careful in choosing the lead and support Pokémon which will you take to face wild Pokémon.

"Catching Pokémon"

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After you beat the wild Pokémon , you will be able to catch them with a Poké Ball, and the probability you can catch them is various depend on your score and how fast you can beat them. The higher your score and the faster you beat the wild Pokémon the higher the probability you can catch them. It is easy, right? Let's find out more about "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile".

"Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Shop"

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Heart, Coin, Jewel

In "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile" there is thing called Heart, Coin, and Jewel that have different uses. I will explain below:

  1. Heart
    "Heart" can be considered as live in "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile". To play a level normally you need a "Heart". Usually you only need one "Heart" to play one level, but on a high level difficulties sometimes you need 2 "Heart" or more. However, there is also a level that does not require "Heart" to play. You will get 1 "Heart" every 30 minutes and you can only have a maximum of 5 "Heart". But, sometimes after you complete a certain level you will get a bonus 5 "Heart" or you can also get bonus from special event.
  2. Coin
    Coin is like money in "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile". You can use coins to buy special items that will be useful for defeating wild Pokémon each level. Sometimes to play a level you are required to pay with coins and "Heart", and sometimes you need coins to buy Great Ball to catch Pokémon wild with low possibility. You will get 500 coins each time you log in daily. You can also get a coin by defeating wild Pokémon or sometimes wild Pokémon will drop coins while you are facing it and you can get these coins by matching it. Coins can also be obtained by exchanging Jewel in shop.
  3. Jewel
    Like gems in bitLanders :D jewels is expensive in "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile" and it is valuable. You will get a free Jewel in the beginning of the game and if you need more you can buy at the shop with real money. If you are an under age, you need adult consent to buy Jewel. Jewel can be used to buy coins in the shop or to buy special items in the weekend shop. 

"Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Items"

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The Items

There are some items in "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile" which will help you in battle against wild Pokémon. You can get this items by purchasing it using coins with varying prices. If you do not want to spend your coins to purchase these items, you can also get these items by completing the "Mission Card" (I will explain it later) or you can also get free items by participating in a special events which are held at a specific time. Or sometimes "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile" will give you gift with items as a reward for you who have been playing this game. Here are the items which available in the "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile":

  1. Moves +5
    You will get additional 5 moves when playing a stage. The cost of this item is 1000 coins.
  2. Time +10
    You will get additional 10 seconds when playing a stage. The cost of this item is 1000 coins.
  3. Mega Start
    Your Pokémon Mega will evolved since the beginning of the stage. The cost of this item is 2500 coins.
  4. Disruption Delay
    This item will cause to delay your opponent's disruption. The cost of this item is 2000 coins.
  5. Exp. Points x1.5
    You will earned 50% Exp. Points at the end of a stage if you active this item when playing game. The cost of this item is 800 coins.
  6. Complexity -1
    One less kind of Pokémon or disruption will appear. Your attack power will double. The cost of this item is 9500 coins.
  7. Attack Power Up
    Your attack power will double. The cost of this item is 5000 coins.

"Example of Pokémon with disruption"

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Not all items can be used in all stage or level. Some items can only be used in specific stages, such as "Time +10" can only be used in stage with time limit, "Move +5 can only be used in stage with move limit, etc. 

"Pokémon Shuffle Mobile" has a feature where you can add new friend with friend code or you can send friend request via Facebook. You can have up to 30 friends in your friend list. The benefit of having friend is you can send mini "Heart" to each other, once the Gauge of Heart is full, it will become one "Heart" and you can play another level or stage with it. So, you do not need to wait 30 minutes for get one "Heart". If you already have "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile", you can add me as a friend with my friend code "C4AA-HAZP". Simply, just choose icon menu with Pikachu and plus sign in the game, and enter my friend code in "Find Friends" tab, so we can send mini "Heart" each other and having fun with this game.

"My Friend Code"


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That's it, my simple blog about "Pokémon Shuffle Mobile". I will explain the other details of this game and my experience with it in second part of this blog :D

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Gotta Catch 'Em All~!!!




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