Whats in an Idea?

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Whats in an idea... and how do you get one?

EVERYTHING comes from an idea. The sofa you sit on, the house you live in, the car you drive, the phone you talk on, and the computer screen you're reading this on! Without someone coming up with that concept... you wouldn't have any of this!

But HOW do you come up with an idea? Can you sit in your bedroom staring at a blank wall and invent something as popular and essential as the wheel? Or sliced bread? In recent years, a few of us have realised... no. You need to get out there, live life, laugh, love, draw, drive and LIVE!!!!

Gravity was discovered an apple hitting Newton on the head... that would never have happened in his shed. Similarly, a friend of mine Amy, was stuck for ideas for a film for weeks, and all it took was one little walk with a friend, and she had an idea she was happy with.

Inspiration rarely pops into anybodies head... its something that comes from different surroundings, funny situations and talking to people, friends or strangers.

So GET OUT THERE! What are your favourite ways of coming up with film ideas? Or any ideas for that matter? Who is your muse, what where is your most inspirational thinking spot? Drop me a comment and let me know :) Would be great to discover new ways of brainstorming!


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