What's Inside of It?

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Do you know what's inside of this paper?.Well, I bet you do? Yes, your right this is a PAYSLIP? This is a little piece of paper where you can see the amount of your hard work after 2 weeks.

As an employee, I'm always waiting for this to check and make sure that my hard was being compensated correctly.

What's inside of it? You will see the breakdown of everything. From the total number of hours you have worked for, from the amount of INCENTIVES you get from doing your best to reach your companies goals, to all the deductions (pag-ibig,sss and philhealth) and WITHHOLDING TAXES for the government being deducted from your total GROSS PAY to the remaining amount on your NET PAY

There is a saying "Don't catch the chicken before they hatch".

This really applies not only to me but I think to most of the employees. Most of the time we get disappointed whenever we see the amount of money we have on our ATM card every payday specially if your expecting incentives and holiday rates even Over Time Pay when you do extra hours of work. Sometimes it demotivates me when I heard news regarding our politics, our country. From left to right corruptions from most of our country leaders to the smallest municipality. Your working hard and being deducted a big amount of taxes that will only being enjoyed by corrupted leaders. It's sad but that's the reality and we don't have a choice but to still work for our needs and for our family..

I've learned not to compute your pay or don't expect anything ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Just be wise in spending your money and make sure to SAVE for your FUTURE.

Dream not to have a nice Boss, but Dream to be the Nice BOSS..




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