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Hello All!!!

First of all apologies for my absence, not had the best of times in the last couple of weeks and needed some time away, but now I feel a lot better about myself want to tell you guys what I have planned in the near future.

First of all may I introduce mine and DOMINIC MATHEWSONS new joint production company, FIRST REUNION PRODUCTIONS. First Reunion will be bringing you a lot of work in the future, including a fresh new music video from the rock band SPRING YARD, coming very, very soon. First Reunion is also behind the video on my page such as 5AM

University has officially started again and in the second semester it seems that we have to crack on with a new short film where we must "experiment". I'm not too sure with this as it seems that the uni is trying to force a view of Experimental Film down my throat, but never the less, I have a film idea and I think you guys are going to like, stay tuned for posts on the pre-production for that!!

We are also beginning to start preparations for a new non-fiction film and with this I really want to explore my roots and go back to Wolverhampton and bring some of my growing up days in Wolves back to life through film. Chances are the film will be involved with music, but it's not a solid idea yet......I also have two back up plans, just in case things don't go to plan first time around.

In conclusion, you will have two films coming from me in the next 4 months (hopefully) and even more hopefully First Reunion will be publishing a number of videos across the web for clients all over.

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Thanks Guys, Elliott Out. 

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