What's Up with Upshaw? Bad, Worse and Good News

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First, the bad news:  Last Thursday at Paul Henry Art Gallery's Acoustic Jam and Potluck, NOBODY WANTED A CARICATURE DONE BY ME!  Seems like all they wanted was the music and the food.  At least they liked my pumpkin loaf.

Second, the worse news:  IT HAPPENED AGAIN THIS THURSDAY!!  And this was their Halloween party, and I do my best business during the holidays.  Not this holiday.  At least they liked my strudel.

This cannot go on.  Paul Henry's used to be a pretty lucrative market for me.  Oh, people still like my work, but they just don't buy.  Their reason:  "I don't have any money."  So what can I do?  Offer cheaper artwork, like on the backs of business cards like Hugh MacLeod?  Did I spell his last name right?

OK, now the good news:  Devoted 2 Healing, a local nonprofit promoting healthier living, has meetings every 4th Wednesday at the Trustees Circle of Services building in Hammond, Indiana.  There they serve delicious vegetarian food, have informative guest speakers and help promote local businesses by having them donate their goods for the raffle they hold at each meeting.

So what's that got to do with good news?  Well, I am D2H's media coordinator.  I create videos and distribute flyers about D2H and their activities.  I also do caricatures for tips at the monthly meetings.  Last month the recipients of caricatures also took my business card--possible customers!  This month, the Halloween-themed meeting, a young teenager named Gloria was interested enough in my work to ask about it.  Hey, I inspired someone!  The rewards of this work are not always monetary!

So Devoted 2 Healing may give me a new market.  Next month there'll be an even bigger raffle for the holiday season.  There's nothing like an original creation to give as a gift instead of just something from the store.  I've got to think of some cartoon creations to raffle off and help promote Ladytooner.  Coffee mugs, perhaps?



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