What's Up with Upshaw? Listen Up, Upshaw!

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All right, I'm giving myself a pep talk.  And I'm letting all of you in on it just in case you need one, too.

OK, D.K., get this through your short Afro'd head:  IT IS ALL RIGHT TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR CARTOONS!  Look, it's what you always wanted, right?  So GO FOR IT, man!

That's one of the reasons you're on Film Annex, you know--"Social Media That Pays".  It does pay, and you want it to pay more.  Go ahead and make more cartoons and blog like crazy.  Have no shame in wanting to make more money--you need it!

As for your caricature jobs, you are getting on the right track by raising the price on your color caricatures at Paul Henry Gallery's Thursday night jams from $7 to $10.  Your work is worthy of being paid more money.  Charge accordingly!  And while you're at it, raise the hourly rate of your other caricature jobs from $50 to $75.  This is a business, you know.

Also remember these words from motivational speaker Eric Thomas:  "Work on your work!"  That means consciously and deliberately make improvements and adjustments on all your cartoon work.  Study all the YouTube videos about working in Anime Studio, Manga Studio and Poser.  Find that Pinterest board with all the Copic Sketch Markers tutorials.  Reread John Kricfalusi's blogposts on writing for animated cartoons.  Then take all that you have learned and WORK ON YOUR CARTOON WORK!!

Lastly, D.K., you've got to REALLY WANT THIS!  Develop the hunger for pursuing your dreams of cartoon greatness.  Want it so badly that you will work your ever-lovin' tail off at it.  Go ahead--stoke the fire of desire.  Your are the 'tooner for such a time as this.  GO FOR IT, UPSHAW!!!


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I call myself a 'tooner--one who cartoons. Animated shorts, single-panel gag cartoons and celebrity caricatures are my specialty!

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