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The good old days of my childhood have long passed. The boyhood has come and gone. I am now a young man. The childhood was a period of bliss. The memory of those happy days is still fresh in my mind. I recollect it when I feel burden of life.

The memory of those days makes me forget my present, at least for some time. I was born in a middle-class family. My father was a government employee. We lived comfortably within his salary. We have a small decent house. I spent all of my childhood in that house. I do not remember much of my early childhood except that I was greatly loved by father and mother. I was seldom alone when awake. One of my parents was always by my side to amuse me, uttering strange sounds and playing different tricks. My father took me along with him, for a walk, every morning and evening. When I was five, I was sent to a primary school.

My parents had already taught me how to spell words and write them. I knew my lesson well, and my teacher praised me. He was kind to those who learnt their lesson but harsh to those who forget it. I attended the school regularly. I enjoyed going to school. It was a pleasant and time. Alas ! I passed so quickly.

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