When is a person wealthy ? What is wealth ?

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Wealth is usually equated to having lots and lots of money . In reality , having money , even lots of money , is no assurance that one is automatically wealthy and can therefore afford to stop working for money .

Wealth and money means unless it is matched with time and expenses .

If your living expenses are very high because of your lifestyle , or perhaps because you have so much debt , then maybe even you had PhP 100 million , you would still be financially short .

Wealth is really a condition where your present financial resources can support your lifestyle over a long period of time even if you do not work to generate income .

Ang tanong ay : Kung ikaw ngayon ay titigil ng magtrabaho , gaano katagal kang mabubuhay ng iyong mga naimpok o yung mga ari- arian ?

So if you had cash that can support your lifestyle for say ten years , would you consider yourself wealthy ?

Wealth or " kayamanan " has to be also based on how much time you have left in this world . if you are in retirement and have ten years to go , you are wealthy enough if you had financial assets good to support your lifestyle for ten years . But if you only have resources for five years , then you are not wealthy enough .

In this case , you still have to grow your financial assets or lower your lifestyle to match your financial capability.




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