Where to SELL your '60 seconds'

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Where to SELL Your ‘60 seconds’

How to SELL in 60 Seconds – Part 2

How to advertise online, with stop-motion adverts.



We all know of the big named social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are the exact sites in which to pitch your business to the world! BUT its not just a matter of simply clicking ‘share’ then your off to the pub…. You need to make sure your sharing your media to the right audience!

For instance say you own a day care nursery and you have a nice little stop-motion advert to get out there on the social networks…and you go ahead clicking share here there and everywhere, but without realizing you’ve probably promoted it out to a load of hairy bikers!


So to get right down into the main heart of your audience you need to be much more aware of who your customers are in the first place.

I suggest putting yourself in their shoes from the very beginning. What are their hobbies? Where do they hangout? Which platform do their main ‘social media’ activities take place etc etc.


After all you’re customer research you’ll be a total expert on who your customers are and therefore you will have the knowledge to promote to them DIRECTLY through social media sites using your lovely stress free 60 second advert.

Groups on LinkedIn and Circles on Google+ are a very handy tool for getting the best out of your promotional material. You can search and get involved in ‘certain’ group themes, allowing you to promote your advert within these individual groups, knowing that your pinpointing the right audience.

Selling is about retaining, and retaining is connecting, making an effort with your clients and building lasting customer relations is key.

“Action is the real measure of intelligence”

Napoleon Hill.

Toni Sian Williams, Stop Motion Strategist

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