Where We Stand

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It is a fact; we watch daily various foreign channels on TV. There are most Indian channels in this list. We watch latest and newest fashion on these channels and at last we try our best to adopt it. But there is a question about our nation that, Have we forgotten this country and her values.


We live in Pakistan and our country is our homeland where we live which protect us and which give us shelter. But Indian channels advertise their products rather than other countries products. They always their country's products like juice, drink and even their agriculture and industrial good. Their movies are winning international Oscar Awards today but there is a question mark for us that where do we stand??? It is also a reality with a big question for us.


This country is really God gifted and God had given us good natural sources in a huge quantity.  Our country has good sources of coal, salt and gold and these sources can make our country strong more than other countries. We always seem to cry that we are poor. Our country is poor and we are self fish people. In fact we have forgotten those nations, who earn great name and fame after facing sufferings.


We should advertise our products on the international level and in this way we can prove that we are not terrorists we are civilized and peaceful nation and a strong nation

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