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 Is your religion “right”? Those of us who strongly believe in a certain belief system tend to feel that it is the “right” one and everyone should immediately convert in order to save themselves and their families, (with the slight exception of Interfaith, a religion that is said to embrace all religions?).

But the truth of the matter is neither religion is considered “right”. What’s interesting about this question is that we can all relate to it.

People every day are telling others that their religion is “wrong” and they should save themselves by converting to the “right religion”, which is coincidently the same one as the accusers.  

Also, by asking which religion is “right” we must then ask, which religion is “wrong”? In simply flipping the question on its back we are able to see the reason for the initial question, which is either pride, emotion, or a strong personal spirituality.

We would never want anyone accusing us of practicing a “wrong” religion, so why would any of us accuse others when we do not and cannot understand the true definition and power of divinity?

We, as followers of religion, whichever one we choose, do not understand the entire spiritual world. We do not understand the true extent of any Gods, deities we choose to worship if we worship any at all and we only understand the society around us. 

We do not understand the culture and religious foundation of every belief system. The truth is, divinity is more complicated and a lot bigger than us.

We are not able and should not classify one religion as ruling over another regardless of age, number of followers, wealth, status, location and beliefs.

By doing so, we instigate a multitude of controversies and possibly violence, which is generally not practiced in any religion across the globe.

All in all, even though we may FEEL as though our religion is more “right”, whichever it may be; it is not and we should not persecute anyone for his or her belief system, as we would not want anyone to persecute our beliefs, that is how wars begin leading to immense torture and bloodshed. Let’s keep the peace.

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Bunyaporn (a.k.a. Happy Snail) is a Thai American blogger.

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