whiten your teeth with banana

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Analysis: The Message Claims That Banana Peel Can Be Used To Rub And Whiten Your Teeth Because It Contains Amazing Minerals Like Potassium, Magnesium And Manganese That Absorb Into Your Teeth And Whiten Them. This Is A Fact.


Banana Peel Contains Essential Minerals Like Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Iron And Manganese, And Could Be A Good Source Of Carbohydrates And Fibre As Well. Studies Show That Banana Peel Has Good Antioxidant Potential, And Has Very Low Concentrations Of Non-Essential Minerals That Can Be Harmful.


So, When You Rub A Banana Peel On Your Teeth, These Essential Minerals Required By Your Teeth Will Be Absorbed, And The Antioxidant Activity Will Also Help To Repair The Damage Done Due To Aging. Banana Peel Is Like A Natural, Safe And Free Toothpaste For Whitening Your Teeth. Of Course, You Have To Bear The Not So Good Taste Of It. The Procedure Of Using This Health Tip As Described In The Message Is Also Right, You Can Read The Complete Procedure In The Reference Section. 


Banana Peel Is Rich In Nutrients, So Instead Of Throwing It Away, It Can Also Be Used As A Very Good Feed For Animals, And As A Natural Fertilizer For Plants After Drying And Making It Into A Powder, Which Is To Be Used As A Sprinkle Once In A Month.


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