Who Are Annoying People

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Who are those annoying people?


I was browsing on my FB page today and I saw this captivating post in Pilipino language. I read and it made me smile. I want to share this with you. You can add more in the list of the people that annoys you.

1. People who only know you if they want or need something from you.

2. People who consider you as friend if they see you are well off and have a lot of money.

3. People whom you have helped and given more than enough, yet consider you as "selfish".

4. People who has ill feelings and angry with you, when you have not given their requests or demands.

5. People who are not grateful and even saying a simple thank you for appreciation.

6. People who are envious.

7. People who are hiding when they have more enough to be shared and come out in times when they have less or none at all.

8. People who are not happy when they see someone is rising up and successful in their endeavors.

9. People who are very jolly and kind to you when they are asking for favor.

10. People who are hypocrites that say you're a friend yet they are the ones pulling you down.

11. People who are fond of making stories to others in order to hide and conceal their bad and undesirable attitudes / characters.


You fill in the blanks and/or add more if I forgotten something in the list of annoying people. I do not know if you will enjoy reading and thinking for more. LOL


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