Who are artificial intelligence creators?

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Like any fundamental science, artificial intelligence has a fairly rich history. It is possible to distinguish both theoretical and experimental parts. The essence of the science of artificial intelligence is best reflected by the words “spirit in the machine”, while it is not so important to develop separate concepts about the machine and the spirit as defining their combination.

At the same time, it is clear that the more developed ideas about the machine are, the more perfect they are on the one hand, and the more we know about the spirit on the other hand, which leads to a powerful AI. But distinguishing the science of AI from IT and from Medicine (Biology) is precisely the connection of one with the other.

And only if there is this connection, we can talk about achievements in the field of AI, and not separately in the fields of Informatics or Biology. This issue is given particular importance in the theoretical part, and an experiment is used to confirm theories, as in other subjects.

Historically, the emergence of theories and first experiments by artificial intelligence creators has always been spaced in time. Therefore, the beginnings of the theory are usually referred to the philosophy of artificial intelligence, and only with the advent of the first experiments, the theory acquires an independent meaning.

Moreover, the very theory of AI, which is now at the verge of philosophy, does not need to be combined with the theory of mathematical, algorithmic, robotic, physiological and other methods that have their own significance in the corresponding sciences.

Now, it is very difficult to find a clear distinction between a number of related sciences and actually AI, and even more so to distinguish between theoretical and experimental sections of science.

But who are artificial intelligence creators? You may find the answer in my Querlo chat below.


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