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To deny the importance of education is like that pigeon which closes his eyes when he sees cat is coming towards him, today no one can neglect the benefits and importance of education. This education was made compulsory for both men and women. On the basis of this education todays the world is divided into first, second and third world. Our Prophet Hazart Muhammad (SA.A.W) made it our legacy and we people have lost this legacy.

Education changes people's state from head to toe, this education has changed the fate and state of a nation to whom world see with contempt and called them “Opium-eater”. This story is not fabricated or fictitious but reality. For a while think about an area, where every second person is opium addict. One person among them called a blind and visually literate person he then wrote something on the board and asked both people to read visually literate person read without any difficulty while blind person could not read any word. It spread curiosity among all.

 The next day the man did the same but this time he chose literate and ignorant person for this job.  Again literate has read but uneducated could not speak any word. He addressed to the people that the difference between educated person and blind person is the same as educated and illiterate. By listening this, this nation left the opium addiction and its condition changed. This country is not other than China and the benefactor was Mao Zedong . Every one appreciates the success of China and stunned with its developments. There is the only one power behind the success of China and that power is education.

Educational situation in our country is worst sometimes the pearls like Arfa Karim, Ali Mohsen and Ali Moin Nawazish spreads smile on lips for a while but the educational budget stuck between the two and a half percent is enough to wet our eyes. Sometimes the multifaceted games played for the sake of education causes restlessness and sometimes steps to change the educational system makes upset.If we measure the number of schools on balance then the number of schools is high but the size of education is suspended in air. And of course in such situation thinking about development is like day dreaming. Our elders valued knowledge as wealth but today the goal of both teachers and students is to collect wealth by education nothing else. Teachers want good salary and a student desires of good job. In this condition, the true purpose and specific objectives of knowledge has been lost somewhere.

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We people got inspired by films of America, UK and India but we never try to improve our progress in education like them. Mostly students don’t understand the true meanings of books and they just go after key books and notes just to pass the exams. Students do not use their abilities and at the end they are just capable for clerk jobs. In our country there is no need to change the course books but the scope of minds of the students should also be change.Our goal is not to be the landlord of any town or village rather we have to live in this world and compete with others. The world listens to him who knows the code how to live in this world. In all, we must not despair but we should protect the talent which is wasted due to our mistakes and negligence.

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