who is the real terrorist?

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Now a days, the biggest suffering that most of the Nations are going through is Terrorism.  Most of the "Super Powers" ,  "Developed" and so called "Peace Loving" nations blame Muslims as a reason for terrorism and some of the  "Intelligent" nations consider it true. but lets take see the real picture and try to decide who is right and who is wrong. lets try to find out who is the real "Terrorist"

This is just the begining of the true face of some of the most "Peace Loving" Countries. Lets see a head.

I never heard that killing the innocent people, women and children is the teaching of any religeon.

and whats the result?

Now lets see the true face of these so called "Peace Loving" Nations in following picture because "action" speaks louder than "words".

its quite surprising that thousands of innocent people have been killed and none of the "Peace Loving" took any stand against the Israel or may be they dont consider these people innocent. at this time all real peace lovers will say only one thing i.e.

please share the voice of these innocent people. may be some real Peace loving nation may hear their voices and may see their tears.Try to realize who is the real "Terrorist".

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