Why Afghanistan's Educational System Has Become a Power Struggle

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Why the Education of Afghanistan's People Has Become a Power Struggle

Power doesn't only refer to control of large groups of people. In the case of Afghanistan's Educational System, it refers to the power that each individual has to control his/her future. And right now it's one of the biggest issues facing Afghanistan.

War, the Taliban control, and the fall of a monarchy.

Most of us may never know the feeling of being refused the opportunity to receive an education by the means of fear and force. But this is what has been occurring for the Afghan people during the last few 40 years. From the ending of a monarch in the early 1970s to the war of the Soviet Union's attempt of dictatorship, Afghanistan has been picking up the pieces of their lack of unity within its educational system.

If the Taliban disapproves of it, they will forceably put a stop to it.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Education in report this past May, "550 schools in 11 provinces with Taliban support were closed down"(Source). The Taliban seems to be against any forms of education, but even moreso of women's education.

In my previous articles I have discussed the struggles Afghan women and girls have faced by choosing to go to school after the end of the Taliban control. The Taliban have "allegedly" led attacks against female students, including poisoning water sources at schools that primarily educate female children. In an article by DW, the wish of a ten-year-old girl in Kabul named Mitra said the following in an indirect statement to the Taliban at a public gathering: "Please don't sacrifice our schools for the sake of your political objectives." From conducting class secretly in homes away from the eyes of the Taliban and adults ushering groups of children to and from school, the Taliban's threat to educational system of Afghanistan does not seem to be coming to an end any time so. Afghan women continue to fight for their rightful place as equals.

The President of Afghanistan pushes for rebuilding of the Afghanistan Educational System.

There is hope for the people of Afghanistan's education. Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has now called for extensive foreign involvement in his next step to ensure reconstruction of the Afghanistan Educational System. First, he would like to call upon international educators to come teach subjects like engineering, business, and medicine in their own languages to the people of Afghanistan. Secondly, he would like to dedicate approximately $15million to scholarships for Afghan students interested in studying abroad.

As a result, the students will be able to not only learn new subjects but also learn new languages, therefore broadening their knowledge and expanding their goals.


What do you think that Afghanistan should try to accomplish with a new education system?

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