Why am i engaged with bitcoin ?

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I had been online for a number of years looking for additional income  and it had been worthwhile earning dollars and a lot of learnings since then.    In looking for money online , i now found out  this  "new currency" not dollars but would be a disrupted  "global money ,  new technology and a thing with different idea for  financial services" Maybe you will still ask "why am i engaged with bitcoin?

I  was engaged with paid to click on a big number of ad sites and they will pay you with a few cents which in my experienced had not been that big amounts  ranging from a few cents to a few two figure dollars in a month.  Also with survey sites you will be paid with a few dollars and about three months you will received your check.  Blogging is good cause they pay you about $10 to $20 per article but that had been just an experienced and not an ongoing sources of additional income.  Internet marketing of products and services was also one source that i tried but there is more a need for getting gargantual traffic and good attractive sites to develop before you can even make a sale.

While doing the above means in getting additional income, now  comes the "new technology" the  bitcoin and its Blockchain technology . When i found out about bitcoin,  i was excited and treat this as my " new source of income" though its on "satoshis" but it can be exchanged to dollars or whatever local currency you wanted. Its an exciting new development ' There was a time in the "bitcoin" history that 1 bitcoin could be exchanged for $1000 i think it was in 2011 but i was not with bitcoin then.

Since i was already had the experienced in clicking on ads in exchange for dollar payment , i engaged myself with "bitcoin" with the same methodology , clicking on ads and be paid with bitcoins or satoshis,  here are the sites that had been paying me all along with 'satoshis" now the developers are calling "bitcoins" as BITS.'  you can also try this sites and build the maximum BITS you want to raise up then later utilize it for a lot of  multiple usages;

Land of bitcoin  a good site that serves as a coop or groupings for micro- ads and Bits payments and it has a lot of bitcoin faucets  as members and it is earning from this micro-faucets as well as "clickers" from the members of the "Land of Bitcoin".  Faucets members is about a hundred sites.

Different faucet sites pays in different amounts of bitcoins so for a day clicking on the ads of all the members of "land of bitcoin" would give you about  0.00005825 bitcoins which is the withdrawal limit for a day but your not limited on this withdrawal amount to raise your number of bitcoins it could be double this amount it depends on your availability and patience to click on every ads of "faucets"

Here are the members of the "Land of bitcoins " ;  ( enjoy clicking and earning )


CoinGamez                      Moonbitcoin                     Rabbitcoin                       Freebitcoin

Bitcoinker                         Dance Faucet                   Coin Faucet                    Fairy Faucet


Pink Tussy                        Coin-giveaway                 Bit N Play                        Bicoingator


Satoshis4us                     MyFreeBitcoins               Moneyinpjs                     Pizza faucet


Mfreebitcoins                   BTCtap.bisness               Bitcoincia                      Bitganacias


Running Faucet               777Bitco.in                       Bestbtc faucet             Pinktussy


Bitcoins.kurai                  Cryptocoinpostfaucet     Mundocrypto               Bitcoinfreebies


Playbitcoingame              Simplefaucet                     Bitfaucet                      Bitcoinfaucet


Freedogecoin                      BTCfaucet.in                  Freecoins4me             Cheesimangia


Gameoutletfaucet            Flyingfaucet                        


 The above faucet  sites are just some of the  land of bitcoin faucets.  There were others who had left  out  but new  members  registered and soon more to come.  If you are clicking on faucet ads  everyday , you will surely  gain more  "bits" but this is  just one source there are more and  being developed. 

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